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Getting over the blues to have a superb Superbowl party

Getting MetLife Stadium ready
Getting MetLife Stadium ready
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

So your team didn't win. Who you were rooting for didn't get that ball to the goal line in time to up the score. Its time to dry your eyes, turn around the frown and have a great Superbowl party with all the big boys and girls who recover from their wounds and move on. That's right, if your colors aren't on the Superbowl field its no excuse to pout at the party.

The Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos may be among your favorites or you might be wishing they'd all go fly kites instead of fill up your big screen t.v. on one of the most seasonally important days in football. But what's done is done and its time to party for the sake of enjoying friends, breaking bread and busting a few jokes that might make your mother blush. Everyone knows that football alone is not the singular core of what we look forward to at a Superbowl party. Of course, football is essential and the starting point of the annual celebration. However, when we're beyond hoping that our beloved team will win or even be part of the event, the day becomes about celebrating our bonds, our traditions and our friends whether its just Bob from next door or the entire neighborhood or friends from all over the city.

What we do as individuals is what makes a great party. We can bring good food, good decorations, good spirits. Spirits meaning not just those dangerous drinks. Bring spirit to the party by cheering for one of the teams regardless of smashed hopes. Bring spirit by cajoling and ribbing in good fun rather than anger and bitterness. Bring spirit by bringing your sense of fun and even love. Yes, that's right, we can love our friends and our parties even if we look like big ole defensive lineman or have tough men beards and tattoos.

A Superbowl party is a party after all. Its a football party but its an annual tradition for many that involves chips, dips, hotdogs, burgers, chili, barbecue, brownies and cookies, and all different kinds of delicious party bests. You might be sitting at home with your shortie or you might be at the local sports bar but wherever you are there's bound to be some favorite Superbowl food involved along with a hopefully not too overboard helping of liquor. (Please travel safe with a designated driver or taxi.) Hot wings, taco salad, potato salad, margaritas, beer and good cheer are perhaps a few of the things that make your absent-of-the-favored-team Superbowl party a success. Its about you and what you bring in your attitude, your snacks and most of all your friends.

There's nothing exclusive or new here. This is just a reminder about why we party rather than sit home alone. The purpose is camaraderie, sharing, fun and even competitiveness which can now be lighthearted if you aren't desperately stuck in cheering for your team who isn't there. Play your betting games, laugh or gasp at the commercials, taste someone's new dish and tell them it taste as bad as such and so plays and then smile and take another huge helping. Tease a little, smile a lot, drink wisely, share in the moment, laugh and make your spirit the number one contribution to the best Superbowl party ever.