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Cucumbers have long been used in beauty spas as a treatment for dark circles, puffy and baggy eyes. Thin cucumber slices are placed on the eye lids giving a soothing and relaxing feeling to your eyes lids.

Health benefits you can get from using cucumbers
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Cucumbers have long been used as an anti-aging remedy. Helping reduce wrinkles making the skin appear younger.

For a cheap remedy for reducing wrinkles:

Try using a teaspoon of lemon juice from a fresh lemon, the egg white of one fresh egg, and use the juice from a ¼ of a cucumber. Mix well together in small bowl then rub lightly all over face (keeping out of eyes), let set for 10 minutes then rinse with clean fresh water and pat dry. This anti-wrinkle lotion will work wonders on your skin and can be used several times a week to give great health benefits.

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