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Getting myself back to balance...a work in progress

Matthew Kelly encourages us to find balance via becoming the-best-version-of-ourselves in his book Off Balance.

My name is Caroline, and I am a recovering Workaholic.

I used to work way too much. I used to think that if I was not constantly doing something at my job, I was worthless and not contributing enough. I was so wrapped up in my professional life that I had very little of a personal life. Sometimes, it was safe to say that I had no personal life. I had to work. I had to be successful. I had all of these people and a company counting on me. I could not take a break.

Trust me, where I used to work was not interested in me taking a break either. They were definitely at fault for a lot of this. I was also at fault because I let them take advantage of me and treat me so badly. I used to think there was not another option besides this. How did I finally break free? Well, that story will be in my tell-all book coming out in 2016.:).

Matthew Kelly writes about attaining balance in his book Off Balance: Getting Beyond the Work-Life Balance Myth to Personal and Professional Satisfaction. He talks about how everything in our lives - our career, our relationships, our goals and dreams - should help us become the-best-version-of ourselves. Mr. Kelly states that balance in our lives is something that we all work for, but it is not necessarily what we think it is either. He said that work-life balance ( or effectiveness) is not an accurate term and is a misguided attempt to help us be happy in our lives. For example, work-life balance wants us to work our job and spend time with our family and friends in equal portions. However, that may not be right for us depending on what our job, family, goals, etc are. For example, we may need to work more in order to get that balance. However, we still spend time with and appreciate our families and friends in a positive way. The most important thing that Mr Kelly stresses is that we ourselves need to take the time and initiative to figure out who we are, what we need, what we want, and what we do not need and want. Or else, we will not become the-best-version-of-ourselves.

I ended up going from working way too much to not working at all. Long story. Anyway, I now work one full-time job and two part-time jobs. However, I spend time with my family and friends and have passions and interests that I actively pursue. I still have challenges..who the heck doesn't? However, my life is much better than it used to be. I am actively developing my own version of balance instead of sitting around doing one thing or mostly one thing all of the time. It was extremely stressful and just plain boring to do one thing all of the time. I hope that I never ever go back to that. I am a work in progress. I am a work getting in balance. I hope that I always continue to work towards that.

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