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Getting motivated, reaching your goals, and staying on track? Yes, there's an app for that

With the new Gold's Gym iPhone app, you can now use your phone at the gym without being obnoxious.
With the new Gold's Gym iPhone app, you can now use your phone at the gym without being obnoxious.

You see them all the time; their phone is glued to their ear from the moment they walk into the gym. You’re trying to do sprints on the treadmill, and they’re walking next to you loudly talking on their phone. You’re waiting to use the fly machine, and they’re sitting there either casually lounging in-between something that couldn’t have been a set, or they're throwing their arms around with zero weight loaded onto the machine, laughing into the phone that's being supported between their ear and shoulder. Talking on the phone at the gym looks and is just plain obnoxious. However, Gold’s Gym has taken this once obnoxious and unnecessary habit and completely transformed it.

As the slogan for the iPhone goes, “There’s an app for that,” and when it comes to fitness, Gold’s has proven there truly is an app for even that. The new Gold’s Gym Spotter app allows you to have a real, fitness-related purpose for bringing your phone into the gym. The free app allows you to set a date to create a goal countdown. Whether you need to get in shape for a wedding, a reunion, or some other event, you can enter your deadline date and record and track your progress. The app also allows you to search for Gold’s Gym locations, so when you go on vacation or out of town, you can find the nearest one using the GPS on your phone to make sure you don’t miss a workout. You can also peruse the classes offered at each location, searching them by type and time. Feeling unmotivated? Just shake your phone while viewing the app and you’ll be faced with some motivating messages, such as “You’re tired? You haven’t even done anything yet!” Now that is motivating.

So next time you see someone with their phone at the gym, don’t assume the worst, unless it's glued to their ear, because the app doesn’t yet have a “call a trainer” option. More exciting features will be added to the app soon, so stay tuned!

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