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Getting motivated once more

"Goodness you wouldn't believe the weather we've been having."
I love that quote, wherever you go you wind up talking the weather. When I decided to move my family away from Minnesota and go explore a different part of America, that part being Savannah Georgia people that I was crazy. What about the money that it takes to get there? What about your baby girl? What about jobs?
No one has ever said a word about health and that is a funny part about it. Moving down here I wanted to experience something else and that wound up being, well I haven't experienced everything so I can't tell you what it will be until it is over. I know already I won't live here the rest of my life. I'm an explorer and in the same sense an adventurer. I like to be myself and prove something worthwhile in my mind. Life is hard but the hardest part about being here has been an injury I suffered before leaving Minnesota.
The injury started and still persists to be my ankle. I have run on it a few times only to hurt the ankle that much more, in the latest experience it has swollen up, not feeling so nice. I must soak it, people have said but when you come home from work tired and worn the last thing on your mind is to soak your ankle. Food and sleep are the way to go.
Just like anyone else I am human; I occasionally fall off the beaten path. I'm not as proud in myself right now only because of my injury. The mental state I am going to blame but enough about me, this article is all about how I am going to change my ways, step by step.
The key to success is admitting your wrong doings.
I have wronged myself by not working as hard as I am capable, there I said it and this is how I am going to change with no avail I will be the best I can be.
1. I will right down my goals.
2. I will research what foods I need to eat.
3. I will rehabilitate
4. Time for action, no great body comes without hard work and with that it is time for a tried and true regimen. Mine will be hard fought because of my sprained ankle but in the course of three weeks I plan to build muscle and work on my cardio.
5. Chart my wrong doings and what I am doing right.
6. Ask professional advice, whether it is from salesmen at GNC, or a physician willing to help me out, advice is the only way you will achieve greatness. No one has succeeded as much as they have by themselves. There has always been someone who has lent them a hand and I am not bashful when it comes to a helping hand.
7. At the end of my six weeks I will set more goals for myself after calculating where my results have led me. Time to finish up
With all of this seven points there is a true sentiment of which I am trying to convey. I want people to know that the automobile is a great thing; you're asking yourself "What the hell is he talking about." Even in one of Arnold Schwarzenegger first books he describes how we have no need any more to raise our own food or animals that are why people hit the gym. This is both bad and good.
And while he says this he always points out that he even uses his car to get the groceries. I say we stop that, buy local and be local. Don't use your car us your body. Life is too easy. Start to make it harder on yourself. In the end you will feel better about yourself and your body in just a short amount of time.
So in the next few weeks read what I have to write because our culture is very health conscious but we still stick frozen pizzas and fast food into our mouths when it is very easy to cook a good meal at home?
Join me for the ride.
Sincerely Robert T. Castro

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