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Getting kitty to go into the cat carrier

The carrier is my friend
Karla Kirby

It is not at all uncommon for a cat to fight getting into that pet carrier. You will see the lion and tiger in your feline when you try to put him/her in. Still, kitty needs to go to the veterinarian and with a little planning ahead, this responsibility need not be an ordeal fr either of you.

A few days before the dreaded trip, simply turn the pet carrier on its end with the open door on the top.
Gently pick up the cat, holding his/her upper body with your hands just beneath his/her front legs. His/her back legs should be hanging down.

Place kitty into the carrier back legs first.

Swiftly shut the door so he/she won’t jump back out.

Situate the cat's favorite treats near the carrier but not inside. Give him/her plenty of time to get relaxed and calm about going near to the pet carrier for a few days prior to the trip. The door should at all times be left open.

Pitch a treat into the carrier while the cat is looking on. Gently say "into the fun carrier" when you throw the treat in. Keep on doing this until the cat is feels at ease about going into the carrier to claim the treat. Let him/her leave at will after getting the treat. Do not shut the door.

After a couple of days, close the door with the cat inside but for only a few seconds after and only after he/she is comfortable about going in and out of the carrier, door of escape wide open.

Cats are true creatures of routine. If your cat is not used to going into a carrier, he/she by nature won’t want to go in. Forcing the matter by trying to trick him/her, or trying to bully kitty into the carrier will only result in a scratched up arm and a furious feline. If you want to get your cat into the carrier, you must institute a routine ahead of time that makes him/her feel relaxed in a small, enclosed space.

Be sure to wash the carrier methodically. Remaining odors may have bad associations for your cat, making him/her refuse to go into carrier, above all if he/she is an easily frightened cat.

Place an item of your clothing such as a t-shirt inside the cat carrier. If you have a good relationship with your cat, he/she almost certainly likes your scent. This will make it much easier to get your cat into the carrier. Remember to pick up the carrier gently once kitty is inside. Sudden movements or jerking can startle the cat and make it harder to coax your cat to get in next rime

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