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Getting involved with classic and special interest cars in Denver

Golden Super Cruise Event in Golden, Colo.
Golden Super Cruise Event in Golden, Colo.

Can you believe it is the end of January already? The holidays have a way of making time fly...or is that the work that is waiting for us when we return. Unless you have paid your dues and are retired, you probably have returned to work and have yet to really dust off your classic or special interest car. Who could blame you, as I write this there are plans of snow for Denver and the Front Range.

Being the end of January you don't want to miss out on the events being planned for the summer. So to help you find the information and plan a automotive filled summer the Denver Classic Car Examiner has some advice for you. Don't worry, some of these things require you only to check your email and read a newsletter!

  • Find a car club that matches your interests

    You might be asking yourself how you do this. Well, we will grant you that while some car clubs have a web presence, they are generally not your Amazon or style web pages. So finding them on Google might take a bit of time. Try checking out the Collector Car Club of Colorado (CCCC). Under their club section you can find a club that fits your interests! They are a great resource.
  • Join a Club

    There are many of them! See above to help find one that suites your interests. I can tell you that you will have mixed expereinces so email the membership chair or President; see if they will let you come to an event or two as their guest before you join. I will bet the answer will be a quick a enthusiastic yes. Once you join, you will get event emails and newsletters that you can check at your leasure to stay in touch with the community.
  • Pick up a copy of the Latest Scoop
    This magazine can be found at some King Soopers or events where the CCCC participants at events. If you are looking for a location near you that carries the Latest Scoop, email them at
  • Attend local car shows and events

    Sometimes the best way to get information is to stop in, talk to people and get the information first hand.

  • Stay tuned to the Denver Classic Car Examiner

    While I don't post all the events every week here, I do highlight ones that I have had particularly good expereinces with or that go to a good cause. So be sure to check back for those announcements.

Having a classic or special interest car in Denver can be difficult with our winter months, but the summer is full of events like the Havana and Colfax Cruise, the Golden Super Cruise, Denver Modernism Car show and even the Denver Auto Show that in recent years has had a classic car display. I hope the above tips will help you find your place in the Denver Classic Car scene and enjoy your ride to the fullest.

Until next time, happy motoring.


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