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Getting involved in upping the bar at Vantage Point NY

In media and culture there are a lot of man-made systems that skew and stack the deck against pure research and development. The result of the business models that have infected media for 50 years have fed a hungry culture junk food that has polluted our minds and has caused heart disease in children and adults. Vantage Point NY, a world media platform with a Christian Worldview announced today the new Vantage Point 2. A partnership with Truli Media of Beverly Hills, California, Vantage Point is a media platform that claims that "the view is better from here." It is being developed with a foundation of superb, award winning advertising that sponsor causes; resources; and well produced programming that focus on God's most precious resource-people.

The seeing is better from here
BT 2013

Daily Digital PAVE

Acrostics is a way to understand the daily balance. it is also a good way to measure response, outreach and impact. Digital Publishing integrated with audio and video is the kind of establishment that (PAVE) integrates and distributes great and useful content and quality production that feeds a hungry culture. Digital publications (reads), audio and radio (listens) and video/TV (views in a digital context) is what will change the way people consume media. An executive with a well known media company put it this way, "if we do not get into interactive media -we are failing our audience."

The ministry of industry

While aware that "we can't be all things to all people" people who are Christians in the media industry, are turning the industry models upside down. "We are looking at it all wrong. Many approach Christian Media as the business or industry of ministry. Yet the ones who approach it as the ministry of business and industry, seem to achieve ministry goals and go beyond industry standards, because they answered a need first," says the founder and CEO of Vantage Point NY.

Likewise and the urban praise movement

The new PAVE system found on Vantage Point NY is exactly that. For messaging, for mission and for music this is the now AND later that gets beyond the car dashboard and gets inside the hearts and minds of people. The philosophy of a foundation of funds for research and development of new programming (Cause Central) with the building of very creative spots and commercials that reflect our values and our sensibilities and humor; give the impression that the content provider, advertiser, and the audience are united in scope; and in heart and mind-thus the name Likewise, the ad firm associated with Vantage Point.

Want to join us?

The idea of Vantage Point NY is to develop programs and advertisers dedicated to reaching people in the inner cities across the globe. Advertising from a unique platform helps the content producers grow with the advertisers. The advertisers get a sixty and thirty second commercial written and produced by an award winning team at Likewise. it is placed on where the programs are placed and mentions are found in the digital news source; social media and audio and video features and programs. It is far more measurable than anything else that an advertiser could spend money on. There is also a music publisher associated with Vantage Point NY as well. Urban Praise Movement is a BMI licensed music publisher for specifically urban and world music praise and worship. Auditions are submitted to a You Tube channel, where industry professionals decide what goes on the playlist and what doesn't. The curators are going through books to see what will they will acquire to produce as audio books for a program called "chapter by chapter." The group is also working with magazines and other publications to make audio and video come to life as well as posting webinars, conferences and live concerts. E-Mail Richard Beattie at

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