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Getting Into Your Running Groove

Runner  on beach
Runner on beach
Wayne State Univ

I know many of you who love to run and already consider yourselves runners, might not have a problem in this area. You already know the benefits of running far exceed the seemingly painful chore of getting out there and sweating.

If you are new to running you should understand a few things; Firstly, always check with your doctor (that should be obvious right) Secondly, stretch, stretch and then stretch some more. The best way to avoid injuries prior to running is to make sure you stretch as well as working your leg muscles a bit. Spend the week prior doing lunges and leg extensions.

Now, an absolute must for me, get yourself an mp3 player if you don't have one. If you don't have a music player of any sort, it is easy to give up at the sound of your own breath huffing and puffing, I know that applies to me, and I am actively into fitness. If you have a music player, it will also help you reach and maintain your goals.

Goals: that's the next thing. Set goals and whatever you do, reach them.

Here's a tip I use to reach my goals: When I get really tired, and maybe still have a half mile left to go, I say to myself;

"In life, that dream I want to accomplish, all the success I want to achieve, it's all there waiting for me at the end of that half mile. It is there for me to grab, and there is someone else out there trying to reach for it as well."

Now when I think that way, there is simply no way that I am going to give all that up. So I make it, sometimes I make it struggling and sometimes that second wind kicks in and I make it even further.

The more often you run, the easier it becomes to reach your set goals. In the end, your legs, your heart and your entire body will be thanking you. Running is by far one of my favorite workouts, because it really lets me feel accomplished, healthy and strong. Live and Love Health.

To your health!


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