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Getting into Warframe

Getting into Warframe

Title: Warframe
System: PS4 and PC

Hello fellow Gamers and welcome Tenno. Warframe is the free to play mmorpg that merges the pc world with PS4 world in a massive universe where co-op is key. You are Tenno, a race of skilled space ninjas with unique training and abilities, depending on your class. Warframe initially starts you off with the choice of three different warframes to chose from, Excalibur, Loki or Mag. This is an mmorpg but you can take on missions either solo or as a group. There are a variety of missions to choose from ranging from search and destroy, defend, transport and a few others. As you go through the missions you will find necessary power ups and mods that will enhance your warframe and give you the ability to customize him/her to your style of game play. There are also blueprints to build different warframes allowing you to create a unique team of ninjas to choose from. We started our journey with Loki, a stealth based warframe. He was selected for his speed, health and decoy abilities, but we will get into that in more detail later. In the mean time check out the video from recent game play and enjoy. Good Luck Tenno.

Tags: Warframe, Tenno, Loki, MMORPG, PS4