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Getting into math awareness month

Spring is here and with it come April showers and math awareness month! What’s a leader to do to get into the art of math and keep attention of young learners? It’s hard to compete with current day exposure to serious content TV, video & computer games – don’t forget unlimited tablet & smart phone apps at the smallest of fingertips. Kids as early as 4 have necessary skills to run up a credit card.

Learning Made Simple and Fun
PIMOSH Publishing Company

A magician or gimmick is not necessary to convince kids to honor numbers – they already do everyday all day on an innate natural level. Babies are wired to respond to rhythms and sound patterns as early is in the womb. Vanderbilt University research, in an article published by the journal Biomaterials (2/14) reveals baby hearts need rhythm to develop correctly – even before their hearts can pump blood, babies can count!

Counting is a built in fabric of everyday life, so is there a way to make learning simple & fun and keep our babies counting off into adulthood? Of course, and that’s why you celebrate math awareness month every April. It’s honor & encouragement to those who seek mysteries & magic associated with numbers.

Making math fun is very important to children, tweens, and teens, and adults alike. So, here’s some help getting in on the numbers and making math fun!

Mathematics, Magic, and Mystery is Math Aware’s 2014 theme for math awareness month. On their website, Math Aware each day in April reveals a new topic for that day. Prior days will remain on view, but the future will retain its mystery. Follow on twitter @MathAware to link to each new activity every day this month. 

People Involved in Motivating Our Students Higher (PIMOSH) is sesame street a run for its money by giving away FREE Numbers (1-10)! Email: with FREE Download and any number between 1-10 you want. To listen 1st, click here.

For kids 13 to 100, check out the Cool Math website. There, students can find an amusement park full of math, numbers & more. Share this with your teens and you will be best mom of the year! Lots there for little ones too!

Don’t forget about Weather Channel, where there is a plethora of exciting things associated with numbers. Now getting into math awareness month has never been easier. Get going to make learning simple & fun.

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