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Getting Into College: Tools and Resources to Use in 2014

College Admission - Kolkata
College Admission - Kolkata

College life is a long and very exciting adventure for every person. All high school students can't wait the moment when they enter some college or university and become a part of this 4-5 year journey that leads to getting a diploma, good profession, self-development, and maturity. But the starting point of this journey is not as easy as it seems first, as a future student should solve several problems here:

  • choose a right college
  • apply to enter this college
  • manage his college application to understand what steps to take next

These are common steps a student takes during the traditional admission process, and thanks to modern technologies this process can become more organized and productive. 2014 gives us dozens of different resources and mobile apps to research a college, meet a counselor, visit a campus, and manage a college admission process online, with no need to step on the ground of a future alma mater itself. The best tools and resources to help students get into college this year are listed below.

Manage your application

  1. U.S. News My Fit. All students know, how difficult the process of college choosing can be. You need to visit several colleges in person, analyze all options they offer, feel the environment of them, and understand if it still fits you. All this can be so overwhelming, that it does not narrow your choice at all, but makes it even much more difficult. Keeping that in mind, U. S. News has developed a special tool for students to find the best colleges faster and easier. Just enter all necessary data (a major you look for, your Greek life preferences, etc) and get the list of the best colleges that could fit your specifications most. To get all these data, a student should have access to College Compass.
  2. eCampus Tours. This is a virtual tour website, where a student can take a look at the campuses of more than 1000 different colleges. This site will not tell you about undergraduate enrollment, specifications of your intended major, and so on, but it helps you understand what your future campus would look like if you entered any of universities listed there.
  3. ApplyKit. This multi-functional website will help students manage their applications by choosing a right college (more than 9000 schools are available for your research there), having all their applications in one place, and staying on schedule with all updates and reminders. ApplyKit helps a student identify his academic gaps, and it utilizes a personalized solution for him (this solution is provided by this company's industry-leading partners). ApplyKit's Collaborator Dashboard allows educators, parents and counselors to use this resource too in order to review students' material, work with them, and guide them through their application process.
  4. Cappex. Visit this website, if you still have doubts concerning a college that would be better for you to choose. The profiles of more than 3000 colleges are available here, as well as all their majors, deadlines, campus life details, and other students' reviews. You will find out what others think of this or that university, and here is your chance to discover a scholarship that would match you best.
  5. Student Advisor. This is a perfect place for students, who want to compare several colleges before choosing the final one to enter. Here you can read or write a college review, to see the lists of Top 100 colleges of different criteria, to get the information about all scholarships available, and read many useful articles on college applications, college life, and your future career.
  6. College Board. This online resource helps students choose a college or university and prepare themselves for entering through different programs and services. More than 6 000 institutions can be found there, as well as the information about all the programs (the APP and the SAT are included) and educators.

Write all assignments

  1. Admissions Essays. If you are a college applicant of this year, it would be wise to check this online service that was created to help future students write powerful and effective applying letters and essays. They have been working for more than a decade now, and you can find free essays at the website to check and use as a sample for your own application letter.
  2. BoomWriter. The perfect chance for every student to improve his writing skills and come up with really good application essays. BoomWriter lets you collaborate with your teachers, educators and classmates, and create really unique stories to share with others and get them published as books. How does it work exactly? Your teacher (or you) starts a story, giving the first chapter of some real book (or you may write your own one as well).Now it's your and your classmates' turn to end the story and write your own chapters for it. Submit your chapter for a review and vote for other stories you've liked most. If your entry wins, it becomes the official second chapter of the book. So, BoomWriter's users write their own books all together in such a way, and these finished books can be bought afterward. Your writing skills of an author can help you much during your admission interview.
  1. GradeSaver. This informative resource helps a student find high-quality study guides, school papers, and essays. A lot of literature papers can be found here, and all of them are well-structured and checked by professional educators. GradeSaver has been even mentioned in some national newspapers for its work with sample writing and free essays.
  2. Scribd. This tool will become your best friend if you need to find some documents or books to help yourself with assignments. Scribd is the biggest library online, where all the data (notes, books, documents, articles, essays, texts, etc.) are shared by people from different countries. This library is easy to manage, and you will find all the information you need very fast, thanks to its user-friendly interface and comfortable navigation. Plus, you are welcome to create your own library using this source, and share all your docs with educators, counselors and friends.

All the resources mentioned above will become every student's best helpers during his admission process. Use them to choose a right college, to write all the assignments needed, to get the information concerning all grades, scholarships, and educational programs, to learn the attitude of other students and educators towards different institutions, to manage application process, etc.

Today's world is impossible to imagine without the Internet and modern technologies. All of them serve to help us, that is why there are no reasons to ignore all useful tools, resources and the best apps that have been developed to improve your college life and make you a better student.

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