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Getting hired 101: Work from home interview questions


Great, you have made it this far and earned yourself an interview with the Human Resource Department...You Go!!! Now it's time to knock them off their feet by getting prepared for this interview. So let's get to it.

Each Job interview is different but there are several common questions that you will encounter more frequently.

1. Tell me about yourself.

This is normally the first question that most interviewers will ask. Be descriptive. Sell Yourself. Tell them a a little bit of personal stuff and a whole lot of professional experiences that you can directly relate to the company. Sound excited. Be confident.

2. Why should we choose you to work for our company?

Make sure you tell them what you can bring to the company instead of what they can do for you. For example, do not tell them "I am in need of a job" or "I always wanted to work from home" , this is something that they would be giving you. Tell them this instead, "I have experience working with customers in a variety of situations and I believe that my skills will be an asset to the company." Make sure you tell them what you can bring to the company...

3. What is the most appealing part of working from home?

Explain to them why it is a benefit to work from home. Do not mention your kids. Talk about the convenience of making your own schedule and the ability to have your own home office.

4. What is the most unappealing part of working from home?

This is a very uncomfortable question. But we can get through it! Try turning it into a positive answer. For example, I would simply state that there is likely a chance that I would work alone when I am accepted for this position, however, I tend to work better that way. Working alone gives me the space I need to effectively focus on the customer and their concerns.

5. What is your greatest strength?

Make sure you thoroughly explain your organization skills, time-management skills, the ability to meet strict deadlines, etc.

6. What is your greatest weakness?

Okay, do not be brutally honest. So honest that you have destroyed the entire interview with this one question. And for goodness sake, do not respond as "I don't know." Maybe you can say something as simple as "I tend to get upset when others do not share the same motivation and enthusiasm as I do when it comes to completing a certain task." This is a simple response that will not hurt the interview.

7. How do you handle conflicts with customers? What is your strategy?

Make sure that you state that apologies are necessary regardless of the situation. Find out what the problem is, address the problem or situation, fix the problem.

These are the most basic questions that you can expect from a work-from-home interview. If you have an interview, go ahead and prepare for it. Say your answers a few times over and over again while looking in a mirror. It helped me to get more excited about it.

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