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Getting headshots

one of Brad Pitt's headshots
one of Brad Pitt's headshots
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Another tool that is essential in helping actors book auditions are headshots.  These are photographs of  the actor that are attached to his or her acting resume and submitted to agencies, auditors, and casting directors.  Headshots are extremely important because they are used to determine whether the actor has the  physical appearance to fit the role that is being cast. 

The first decision an actor must make when getting headshots done is which photographer to use.  There are many photographers in the Atlanta area and this can make picking one quite difficult.  Therefore, it is good to go through a photographer's photo galleries to get a sense of their aesthetic.  It is also helpful to ask other actors for photographer recommendations because they will have the best insights into which photographers are the easiest to work with.

After a photographer has been selected, actors must gather clothes for the photo shoot. While the price of the photo shoot will generally determine how many outfit changes are allowed, it is customary for actors to bring several changes of clothes with them to discuss which choices would be the best to wear with the photographer.  It is also recommended that actors bring their own cosmetics to the photo shoot.

Once the photo shoot has taken place, actors will generally pick two heashots (one commercial/one dramatic) that the photographer will print.  Many photographers will also put the selected headshots onto a cd for actors to have once the initial print outs are depeleted.  It is important that all print outs be copied onto 8 x 10 photograph paper, as this is the format that is required for most auditions.

Once actors recieve their headshots and attach their acting resumes, they are all ready to start looking for auditions!