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"Getting Go": A Story I Just Can't Let Go

"Getting Go" has the sexiest kissing montage put on film.
"Getting Go" has the sexiest kissing montage put on film.

Talk about road shows. The movie "Getting Go" has been on the film festival circuit since March 2013 and finally has found a forever home at Wolfe Video.

Tanner Cohen (l) obsesses over Matthew Camp's go go dancer character

Cory Krueckeberg, who makes his directorial debut with the film, has seen and made a few tweaks and changes in the many months since the film started showing at film festivals last spring.

One major change is the title. At film festivals the movie was called "The Go Doc Project." Krueckeberg says that Wolfe Video gave him some good advance to change the title. "They were afraid that with the word 'Doc' in the title that many viewers would think it was a documentary," losing viewers who were expecting a documentary and not getting scene by fans looking for a sweet narrative love story. "The title in Germany was 'My Private Go Go'," Krueckeberg laughs.

But with its recent DVD release the title was settled on "Getting Go," now allowing people to focus on the film and not the title.

A beautiful tender sexy love story, "Getting Go" does have a truly magical kissing montage shot which wasn't as time consuming to film as one would think. "I wanted to use this to show a sense of place," Krueckeberg says. "So whenever we were in area to film, I added a few extra shots of kissing for the montage." Krueckeberg also says he deliberately used this to showcase more of New York City. "We spent a couple of days running around the city shooting kissing scenes at Central Park, Columbia University and other beautiful areas of the city."

Krueckeberg says the kissing scenes actually only proved difficult by the nervousness of his two actors. "Tanner Cohen in particular was nervous as he was afraid his boyfriend's friends would see him kissing on the streets of New York," Krueckeberg laughs, pointing out the crew was really just two people and unassuming and passers by may not have known a movie was being made.

Cohen and Krueckeberg worked together before in "Were the World Mine" in which Krueckeberg wrote. Cohen actually was enlisted to help find an actor to play the part of Doc, the nerdy filmmaker character in the movie who decides to make a documentary on the Go Go boy he has a crush on. "Tanner has become so busy as he's even a best selling author," Krueckeberg says, "so we never thought of him to play the role." But, he adds, at the end of the day they decided that Cohen was actually the best choice for the part.

According to Matthew Camp, who makes his feature film debut in the role of Go, says his casting was very much like the plot of the movie in which he received an email, like Go did, asking him to be in the film.

"I think they were looking for someone with a level of on-line celebrity," Camp says. "I certainly had the web presence they were looking for." Camp, who is a former go go boy, is obviously believable in the part but he is also a natural as an actor, offering realness and likeability to the role.

While it seems to be a documentary in its story of a young filmmaker making a documentary about a dancer, it is a scripted story. "Sometimes we were impromptu in certain scenes," Camp says, pointing out the shots of his at-home preparation before going to dance were spontaneous and based upon some of his own experiences.

Camp, who did some acting as a child, really enjoyed making movies and is receptive to other films and offers. He's completed a short film but has been more focused on his fashion and fragrance designs. Learning about that, well that's a whole other story.

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