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Getting fit for fashion

can't fit pants
can't fit pants

There's no better motivation for health changes then fashion. Okay, maybe for the sake of good health, but lets be real- Wearing tight designer jeans, or buying a new out fit in a smaller size for your high school reunion is some times the honest pressure we all need.

One big fact that one must consider when seeking changes that look good for clothing is you can't "spot" reduce. When we loose unwanted body fat, we loose it every where. Yes, those dreaded love handles and full belly will shrink, but often areas that we don't think about or even want to loose will go too.

So resistance or weight training is important to add to the over all work outs. They will help burn fat but also increase tone all over. No, you won't bulk up as so many women worry about. Not unless your power lifting and eating for body building. It's not easy to gain that much muscle to bulk up.

Slimming down for our health is the most important. We want and deserve to live a long, healthy life. It can be that much sweeter if that included looking fit and trim in tight fitting clothes once in a while, right?