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Getting facts may be slow, but they all point to Russia

The whole world is watching, and that is the problem. "Watching" is the wrong response to Russia.

Obama's messages fall on deaf ethnic Russian ears
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The crime scene is inaccessible because it is:

a. a civil war zone
b. filled with insurrectionists
c. occupied by terrorist culprits
d. all of the above

The investigation into downing of the Malaysian airliner will never be accomplished as desired because the location is already trampled and spoiled. Ethnic Russian terrorists have moved and destroyed evidence including the black boxes. The jig is up.

Vladimir Putin should be pursued in the continuing investigation for war crimes against humanity. His crime includes the invasion and occupation of the sovereign nation of Ukraine. That includes the takeover of Crimea. He continues to threaten and destabilize the new Ukraine government by massing troops along the border and arming and aiding terrorist insurrectionists.

For Europeans and the NATO alliance, it should be well past time for Obama to incessantly jawbone. Obama lip flapping is too much all over the place as it is. Needed are decisive and effective actions.

Congress can move the president by members of his own party prioritizing and addressing a host of world events. Congress needs to act cohesively in a bipartisan manner.

In days of yore, President Kennedy would have called an executive staff meeting to address problems comprehensively. His senior advisors would be debating the alternatives. Congressional leaders’ advice would be sought in the process to avail consideration of all viewpoints.

America is getting cheated now by a dysfunctional government.

President Obama needs to call the heads of allied nations for an immediate conference to address how to isolate and contain Russia that includes a blockade.

Even Turkey stepped up more aggressively than the U.S. and allies. It didn’t work because the U.S. and allies were too slow and too weak in responding to Russian aggression. Just as the Nazis toyed with Europeans who would one day become victims, so now Putin is toying with them too.

“Turkey Warns Russia it Will Blockade Bosphorus if Violence Occurs

According to diplomatic sources, Turkey has threatened Russia with a blockade of the Bosphorus Strait
The threat to close the Bosphorus to Russia comes from a report by Hvylya, citing a Turkish diplomatic source. According to the source, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan yesterday spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone and warned of the consequences for conflict with Ukraine. The Hvylya source was also reported on by UNIAN.

Concerns were also raised about the possible threat to ethnic Crimean Tatars in the region, citing recent murders and communications with Tatar leadership. Erdogan’s call to Putin warned that if Russia invades Ukraine, and so-called ‘Crimean self-defense’ forces engage in violence against the Tatar minority, Turkey will be forced to close passage into the Black Sea to Russian ships.

Extranational protection of ethnic minorities was originally used as pretext for the Russian invasion of Crimea.

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