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Getting certified as a finance professional

Financial Plan
Financial Plan

Finance as a career is easy to break into with the requisite qualifications in business administration or finance. Finance covers a wide range of functions under various positions, so carving out your niche might be a tough task. With the diverse range of positions in finance, it takes perseverance and patience to settle in a role that is the best fir for you.

Here in this article we are going to help you with the tools which will allow you to get certified as a finance professional allowing you to apply for privileged finance jobs.

Chartered financial analyst

Financial analysts are responsible for conducting researches on stocks, bonds and securities for companies and individuals for the purpose of investments. This certification is especially for finance professionals who posses a work experience of 48 months or a graduate degree, is the minimum eligibility criteria to apply for the certification. Three six hours exams are conducted, which help you in getting certified as a financial analyst. The program is so designed to impart generalist knowledge of financial portfolio management, investment management and financial analysis. A candidate who successfully completes the program is awarded with the CFA Charter by the American association of financial professionals, also know as CFA institute. You can sit for one exam per year. There are three levels in which the certification is divided into. Level I exam is administered twice a year, and level II and III are administered once a year. Each exam consists of two sessions of three hours each. Level I has 240 multiple choice questions and Level II and III has 120 multiple choice questions, in 20 sets of 6 questions in each. Level III has long essay-type questions and 10 sets with 6 questions in each. The minimum passing score is defined by the Board of Governors after each exam.

With the global acceptance of this certification, it opens the avenues for you to apply for jobs as CFA are in high demand all across the world. Developed nations are a hot-spot for CFA charter holders as the annual compensation is the best as compared to other nations. Also it helps you in acquiring knowledge about the financial markets of other countries. This option serves as a great opportunity for those holding profiles in finance and investment banking as it will accelerate your career growth rapidly.

Certified financial planner

Certified Financial Planner, popularly known as CFP gets you enhanced employment opportunities in financial service companies. CFPs are responsible for providing financial advisory services to individuals and organizations. The curriculum of CFP is designed in such a way that it facilitates independent thinking. The certification in India is offered by Financial Planning Standards Board of India. You can enroll for Financial Planning curriculum by joining any of the authorized education partner or through self-study. The eligibility criteria here is slightly relaxed, 10+2 is the minimum qualification you need at the time of enrollment along with 3-5 years of work experience in a finance related role. Five examinations are conducted by NSE at any of the NSE examination centers and other NSE networked sites throughout India. Five modules covering aspects of risk analysis, retirement planning, investment planning, tax planning and advanced financial planning form the basis of this certification. The examination is conducted online and the results are also generated as soon as your answers are submitted. Once you clear the examinations, you will need to sign an ethics declaration. According to this declaration, you will be required to disclose past or pending litigation, this also demonstrates to the public that you have agreed to provide financial planning services in the client's best interest and to act in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards for the practice of Financial Planning. This certification is also accepted globally, however CFPs are in much demand in India. Financial planners can look for jobs in multinational companies, investment banks, KPOs, media houses and can also work independently.

Once you have obtained any of these certifications, your career will witness many fold growth. The curriculum of these certifications is so designed which enables you to be well acquainted with intricacies of financial management, planning and analysis. The demand for finance professionals is growing day by day, all across the globe successful completion of these certificates will open more avenues. Financial planners can also work independently, which is highly rewarding as the fee is charged on an hourly basis, flat rate or a percentage of the value of clients asset's. So if you want to be a part of one of the most respected and highly paid jobs in India going for the above mentioned courses can re-define your life and career.

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