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Getting Beyond the Shortcomings of MPLS


Is your company still struggling to make MPLS work? Though it may do the job, outages are common -- and costly. Not only that, security is a major concern as is maintenance. These shortcomings continue to drag down MPLS and break the budgets of those who have opted in. Fortunately, there's a better way.

Last month, Larry Chaffin from Pluto Networks published a post about why MPLS is failing companies around the world and his company's response to it. Chaffin touched on some of MPLS's major shortcomings including:

  • MPLS installation time - Ordering and installing MPLS is a major undertaking. In the United States, expect anywhere from 30 to 60 days. Overseas, expect it to take between 60 to 120 days to install MPLS!
  • MPLS costs - MPLS is not cheap. Not only that, constant MPLS appliance refreshes often mean investing in new hardware soon after the initial purchase.
  • MPLS security - MPLS is not encrypted or secure. Concerns about hacking and government spying are valid -- even in the United States thanks to the NSA scandal.

Chaffin's frustration with MPLS led him to seek alternatives. He ultimately partnered with Aryaka. Aryaka's WAN solutions overcome the shortcomings of MPLS by delivering WAN optimization as a service. Instead of relying on MPLS and WAN devices, Aryaka's users connect to an optimized network in the cloud. Cloud-based applications such as Microsoft 365, Google Apps, and are accelerated without the need for costly and unreliable MPLS connections. Where MPLS takes months to install, Aryaka's WAN optimization as a service takes mere minutes to set up and deliver.

According to Aryaka, the benefits of its WAN solutions over MPLS include:

  • Direct connection to Amazon Web Services
  • Global, optimized network
  • Predictable high performance
  • Bandwidth scaling for "LAN-like" performance over the WAN
  • Application acceleration
  • End-to-end network visibility
  • Zero capital expense model
  • Fast deployment

Where MPLS is costly, WAN optimization as a service is not. Where MPLS takes months to deploy, WAN optimization is ready to go in minutes. Simply pay for what you use and enjoy the benefits of a fully optimized WAN around the world in a matter of minutes.

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