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Getting Back Together With an Ex

You dated someone and then you broke up. You don't know what went wrong. Now he wants a second chance. Should you do it?

If you are thinking about getting back together with an ex there are a few things you must do prior to taking the risk of getting your heart broke again. First tell him how you feel. Tell him that he hurt you and talk things out. Yelling about what went wrong won't work. Yelling never solves anything.

If you jumped into a relationship too quickly you may need to go back a couple of steps. Ever heard the saying "One step forward to steps backs?" Get to know each other and be friends. Let him prove to you that he has changed.

Think about why you broke up. If he cheated most likely he will cheat again. There is a small chance that people could change. You will never know if he will hurt you again. Take it slow and think about if you are ready to let yourself get hurt again.

Love Yourself. Make him see what he missed out on. Lose weight, work on your appearance. Do what makes you happy and know that you deserve love. You are worthy of being treated right and loved. Don't go back to him just because you have no one else.

Forget the past. If you were hurt by guys in the past don't let it affect your future. Not all guys are the same and if your insecurities ruined your relationship than that is something you have to work on. You might have to work on yourself before you get back with your ex or take a chance on any guy. In order for someone to love you, you have to love yourself.

Giving someone a second chance after they burned you is not the easiest thing to do. Only time will tell if this person has changed and if this person really loves you. Take things slow and think things through before rushing into a relationship with your ex.

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