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Getting, and staying involved through the seasons

A little girl drops her coin into the Salvation Army red kettle
A little girl drops her coin into the Salvation Army red kettle
The Salvation Army

Many people feel the call to give back during the holidays. But what happens after the holiday joy has worn off? Why does ‘tis the season only have to apply solely to the Christmas season?

Maybe because it’s cold outside or maybe because we feel fortunate to have our families and health during the holidays, but the giving feeling is always stronger around Thanksgiving and Christmas. We collect toys, feed the hungry, and drop coins in the little red bucket while doing our Christmas shopping. All things that make us feel a little warmer inside.

But when all the wrapping paper is thrown away and we are all making our New Year’s resolutions and trying to lose that extra 5 pounds we put on during the holidays, why must that warm feeling fade? What if we carried the season of giving throughout the year? What if our New Year’s resolution every year was to give back to our community? And we actually followed through.

In a world that focuses on the unreachable, we need to bring our attention to the everyday. We need to start really seeing the folks in our community that are hurting year round and could use a helping hand and in turn, start to see how we can help change their situation. The impact one person can have on the world can be truly amazing, and this awareness of personal responsibility should be a focus in today’s society.

So how can you help? Instead of blaming our neighbors or making excuses, how can you be part of the solution? It’s simple. First, find something you can be passionate about. Find something that you feel called to. You can never expect to be successful at something challenging unless you are driven to do so, so make sure your mission is something you really care about.

And second, no excuses. Make sure your mission is realistic and appropriate for your lifestyle and don’t look for ways in which you don’t have the time or resources. Set accurate expectations. Everyone’s gifts and talents are different. So, whether it’s regularly giving blood, tutoring, building homes, giving financial contributions or donating other gifts, decide what’s realistic for you and make a goal. You’ll be surprised how that Christmas spirit can remain throughout the year.

So ‘tis the season. Let’s keep it going.

Check out the list of links on the Charlotte Everyday People page to find ways to get – and stay – involved.


  • Charlotte 5 years ago

    Very True.....We need to be reminded of this constantly, its funny how easy it is to forget.

  • Anne 5 years ago

    Good advice. The passion does keep that feeling or drive alive but remember that those incidental acts of kindness are important too! I wonder too why so much giving is limited to the holidays when the need exists year round.