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Getting an interview remains a challenge for job seekers

Getting an interview remains a challenge for job seekers.
Getting an interview remains a challenge for job seekers.
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One of the most challenging aspects of looking for a job is getting an interview. According to, the online job posting board, fewer than 15% of job seekers were called in for an interview during 2013. Even more shocking, 33% reported they did not have a job interview the entire year.

One of the challenges facing today’s unemployed is a dramatic shift in the way job openings are published. Twenty years ago it was not unusual to have an entire section of The Detroit Free Press devoted to help wanted ads. In today’s marketplace the same newspaper carries less than 12 typical day. It is not that jobs are not available it is simply due to the use of technology for higher-paying jobs in the use of in-store signage for lower paying jobs.

LinkedIn,, and to become major players in getting job opening information to applicants. These sites, along with and offer services not available in the newspaper. In particular they are able to track applications and inform the applicant of their status in some cases.

However getting an interview also depends on having a unique cover letter and well laid out resume to get the recruiter’s attention.

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