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Getting a new puppy


 My Big Guy, Ruger

There are many reasons why people get a new puppy.  However, I recently read an article recommending a puppy as a boyfriend replacement.  I can understand some of the reasons the author gives, and some of it actually does make sense, but that is NOT the reason to get a puppy.  Yes, puppies provide lots of affection and they don't care if you gain 10 lbs.  They don't care if your hair is in curlers or you have no makeup on your face.

Taking on the responsibility of a new puppy or any other pet should be thought out carefully.   For example; do you travel alot, can your pet be left alone safely, for long periods of time?  What type of personality does this pet typically have.  Many breeds of dogs are very similar, however many are not.  Some dogs are high energy dogs, while some are very calm and laid back.  All puppies can be destructive until they learn their house manners, are you ready for that?  What about when that sweek little 5lb grows up into a 120lb dog?  Do you have the space in your home?  Do you have time for frequent long walks?  Do you have the finances to take your new pet to the vet, buy treats and food?

I always tell people when they are considering adding a pet to their household that this is a lifetime commitment.  A pet is like a child, you don't just get them and then decide you can't take care of them anymore.M  Pets bond with their owners and do not understand when they have to go to a new home.  It can be quite traumatic for the pets and the new owners to become adjusted. 

So don't just run out and get a pet the next time you have a partnership breakup, try chocolate instead!

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