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Getting a foot in the door

When asking job search advice, have you been told that maybe you should just apply to some jobs that you aren’t that thrilled with just to “get a foot in the door?” Well that might not be such a bad idea. Now, before making a decision like this you want to find out some things. You don’t want to apply to a job that is too far from what you went to school for and then find out that there is no chance at growth or transferring within the company. Unfortunately, I haven’t perfected a way to gather this information, but an anonymous phone call to Human Resources would work just fine for me.

Some of the questions you may want to ask are:

  1.  Is the position that you are thinking of applying to a newly created position? If the company is creating new positions during these economic times, they must be doing okay.
  2.  Has the company had to implement lay-offs or furloughs recently? This is another way to find out whether or not a company is in a good place financially.
  3. You can ask about the process of internal hiring, so that you can get an idea of what to expect in the event a position that better suits you opens up

If you are aware of the department that you would actually like to work in, you can ask these questions for that department as well. Taking a job that you may not necessarily want is a way that you gain some work experience and make some money. When you do go for that job interview for the job that you’ve always wanted, you don’t want to have to explain huge gaps in time where you weren’t doing anything. When it comes down to it, time spent in a professional organization, regardless of what position you held, shows that you can handle that type of responsibility.


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