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Gethin Anthony Charles Manson: Star set to play iconic killer on NBC

Gethin Anthony
Photo by Larry Busacca

A new show about Charles Manson and his life is coming to NBC. On Sunday, Entertainment Wise shared how Gethin Anthony has been chosen to play Charles Manson in this show. He is best known for his time on "Game of Thrones." This new series will be called "Aquarius" and is all about Manson.

This series will have David Duchovny playing a police detective who is tracking Manson and his followers. This is a big part of the show and will focus on how it was to find out what they are doing and get them convicted. It will take place in the 1960s which is when all of this really did happen.

The show will actually start when Charles Manson was first forming his group of women. He used drugs, sex and also a large sense of family to get these women to join him. The first thing he had to do was get the followers before he could send them out into the world to do his dirty work. These women and men would do anything that he told them to do.

At this time, it is being called an event series and was only picked up for 13 episodes. This story can only go for so long before they were arrested. It should play out more like a mini-series and only air these 13 episodes without being picked up again. This should give them time to take Charles Manson's story from when he started to get followers clear until he was convicted.

Hit Fix shared a few other actors and actresses that have been picked up for this series. Emma Dumont of "Bunheads" will star as one of the Manson followers. Grey Damon of "Friday Night Lights" was picked up as another detective who is following the case of Charles Manson. This show "Aquarius" will start sometime during the 2014-2015 TV season and will air on NBC.

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