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Get Yourself a Unicorn Mount in Rift and other Trion Game Updates

Unicornalia Returns
Unicornalia Returns
Trion Worlds, Inc.

Get Yourself a Unicorn Mount!

Unicornalia Returns to Rift and More!

Unicorns from the Plane of Life are seeking shelter in Telara and are in need of your assistance. Find the PRI representatives in your capital city to learn how you can help these magistic creatures and earn yourself your very own unicorn mount.

Now through the end of July, Onyx Unicorn mounts can be acquired from the following:

  • Limited Edition: Sparkle Troves – Rift Store
  • Hooves & Horns Zone Event – Rare Drops
  • A Rainbow in the Dark – Achievement
  • Limited Edition: Sparkle Troves - Opal Unicorn mounts – Purchased with Sparkle Essences in game
  • Sparkle Essenses are gained by completing Unicornalia dailies in Sanctum and Meridian

Other Rift News

To celebrate the conclusion of RiftGrate’s “Dreaming of Summer” Contest, Fashion Week is making a comeback, and this time it’s completely dedicated to the amazing creative efforts of your fellow players!

You can view the winner of the Dreaming of Summer contest on the official Fashion Week Makes a Comeback page.

Other Trion NewsArcheAge

ArcheAge Closed Beta 2 Event Starts July 30 – No NDA. At 10am PDT, Wednesday, July 30, Closed Beta Event 2: Setting Sail will begin. If you have purchased the Founder’s Pack you will be guaranteed a spot and there is no NDA. A Brighter Age was Brilliant!


  • The Gulanee Appear in DefianceTV Show
  • New Arkfalls bring Gulanee Warriors to Earth - Game


MMO Unicorn Mounts

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