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Get your thrills on Route 66. Two great new travel books = 132

In case you're lost
In case you're lost
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When we are not writing, reading or interviewing celebs, we take to the road.
Route 66 remains one of our favorites. Lots has changed, road sided attractions are gone but memories remains.
And those memories are triggered when we discovered two must-have books published by Quarto Publishing Group USA: Postcards from Route 66 ($30) and Travel Route 66: A Guide to the History, Sights, and Destinations Along the Main Street of America ($21.99). These are more than "travel guides." They are tributes, colorful, well-detailed and extraordinary illustrated with rare photo and postcards of what once was.
Postcards From Route 66 is a collection of illustrated and photographic postcards of vintage motels, greasy spoons that demanded a stop, natural wonders, trading posts, tourist raps, souvenir shops and all that dotted the famous route spanning Route 66's golden age of the 1930s through the mid-1960s.
Route 66 historian Joe Sonderman's oversized collection brings together more than 400 of the finest examples of postcard art from Route 66's vintage dazes, an era before long-distance car travel was largely supplanted by the airlines. Joe has curated the very best out of his 20,000 (!) postcard archive to document a journey down the Mother Road through the decades, state-by-state from east to west. Visit landmark stops like the Rock Village Court, the Meramec Caverns, Mule Trading Post, and Wigwam Village in cities that include Chicago, Springfield, Amarillo, Tucumcari, Flagstaff, Barstow, Santa Monica, and many, many more. Sonderman's labor is the definitive book collection of Route 66 postcards. Postcards from Route 66 is a value of love us a visual reference chronicling the evolution of the famous highway and its equally famous roadside stops, as well as a historical record of the time period, complete with many notes both hastily scribbled and thoughtfully composed by Route 66 travelers through the decades.
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Jim Hinckley's Travel Route 66 by is a well-illustrated, quite informative guide to the history, sights and destinations along the 2,500 miles along the Main Street of America, from Chicago to Santa Monica. It's as education as it is entertaining, offering details and tips on routes and top attractions. He's smart enough to break up book sections with tips shouting out "Don’t Miss," "Detours" "Alternative" stretches of the route. Chapters are dedicated to a state---from Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. For each, you will find detailed historical and cultural information, a---should you want to break the trip into mini-adventures. The photos will keep you ready for future trips

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