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Get your summertime glow

Summer is here! It’s time to shed the dull dryness of winter and unveil a renewed, revived and clearer complexion! If you have been considering introducing your skin to a new cleansing regimen, now is just the time. A regular skin care program can not only help reduce the signs of aging, but can offer you a summertime glow, as well!

Start your day by washing your face with a cleanser specifically designed for your facial skin. Bar soaps, which are formulated for use on the body, can be harsh and can cause excessive dryness, patches, and even breakouts. You may want to begin with a cleanser that includes a light exfoliate, such as Mary Kay Signature Time Wise 3-in-1 cleanser. It is offered in a formula for normal to dry skin, and one for oily to combination, and is complete with an age-fighting component to assist in helping you grow old gracefully. Apply a moisturizer which compliments your cleanser, like the Mary Kay Signature Time Wise Age-Fighting Moisturizer. This moisturizer also comes with a formula including SPF 15, which is great for getting the added sun protection. It is always a good idea to use sunscreen, because the sun’s UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays are key factors in the advanced aging process. Also, be good to the skin on your lips by applying a lip balm with sunscreen.

If you wear make-up, apply it modestly during the warm months, when your skin is more apt to produce excess surface sebum, to avoid clogging your pores. Be sure to drink plenty of water everyday to keep hydrated, and include green tea, which has a wealth of antioxidants for good health, as part of your dietary plan. Reduce the amount of fats consumed and keep stress at a minimum.

Beautiful skin doesn’t require a lot of hard work and time, just consistency. Here’s to your summertime glow!


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