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Get Your Spring Stamps Ready!

Make A Rubber Stamp
Spring is in the air and thoughts of the outdoors are starting to rise. This is not to encourage vandalism in any way, but I am looking forward to seeing considerate street art during long walks in Brooklyn. Rubber stamps are a very interesting technique that I notice street artist use a lot.
So how do you make a rubber stamp? If you are making a small motif, eraser stamps are perfect. Small stamps have lots of other applications indoors as well, so it is a useful technique for all sorts of self-expression. I hope that you get out and enjoy the changes in Nature along with the traces of that more active human nature creating changes on our beautiful city surfaces, in the mail, or wherever stamping is legal and enhancing.
Here’s the how-to:
Pencil with a soft lead
White Plastic Eraser (Eberhard Faber and Selectum are good brands)
X-acto knife (the ones that look like a pen)

1. Create a design that fits the eraser on a piece of trace paper or vellum.
2. Turn that design, face down onto the eraser.
3. Use the pencil to rub the back of the paper and transfer the design onto the eraser.
4. Use the x-acto knife to cut about a quarter of an inch in depth into the eraser. You will carve away the areas around the design. The first cut should be straight down, and then cut away any excess at an angle from there.
5. Press your stamp on an inked stamp pad and Bingo! Press it onto whatever surface you intend to print.

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