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Get your spooky on: Celebrate Paranormal Day on May 3

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Every day throughout the year is used to observe one obscure holiday or another. May 3 is no different. Tomorrow is Paranormal Day and is a day when those who believe in a world filled with paranormal activity gather and share their experiences.

Paranormal investigators throughout the world tell their stories about their first-hand experience with ghosts, Big Foot, UFOs and other paranormal entities. Many go out on investigations while others just put on their favorite ghost-themed shirt, go out for dinner and return home to watch a scary movie. There are many levels of paranormal enthusiasts, making way for many different types of celebrations and activities.

So grab your EMF detector and camera tomorrow and head on out and experience the true meaning behind Paranormal Day. Don’t forget to document your experiences so you can share with others during next year’s Paranormal Day.

Happy haunting!