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Get your song on, with 'The Sound Of Music.'


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Last night was the season premiere of ‘Glee,’ and with it came an undeniable urge to sing. Out loud. If you too felt the need to sing along, or even sing your own tune, I have an evening just for you.

'The Sound of Music’ will be playing on September 26th at The Hollywood Bowl. This is not just any showing, this is a full on sing-along. Yes, Sing-Along-Sound of Music. Complete with host Melissa Peterman, and special guest, Charmian Carr.

Not familiar with that last name? How about Liesl Von Trapp? Yes, the eldest Von Trapp will be joining the festivities. Who wouldn’t want to sing ‘Sixteen going on Seventeen,’ with Liesl herself.

Not sure you remember all the words? Not to worry, the screening will feature subtitles for a little extra coaching. Consider it one giant karaoke group.


Singing won’t be the only thing going on that night, there is a costume parade starting at 6pm, and the audience will even be given props for the night’s event. The lovely host of the evening will ensure everyone has a good time, and knows what to do with whatever props they are given, yes props. 

In reality, who hasn’t sung along to this classic in their living room? This is your chance to let your sing-along secret out, along with a whole group of people doing the same thing.

Get your tickets soon, this event has been known to sell out. You can get your tickets online or call 323-850-2000.

Remember: September 26th-costume parade at 6pm, screening starts at 7:30pm.

Make sure to bring your costume, your voice, and leave your inhibitions about singing in front of other people, at home.


  • Ted 5 years ago

    Sounds like a great time will be had by all of the closet singing stars in L.A.