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Get Your Sleep On


Tossing and turning aimlessly all night is no fun for the millions of Americans struggling to either fall asleep or stay asleep nightly. But what’s really concerning is that chronic lack of shut eye just doesn’t lead to exhaustion but it also contributes to far much more concerning issues like weight gain, high blood pressure, and a lowering of our body’s immune system’s ability to stave off illnesses.
In a recent study published by the Psychological Science journal it was reported that researchers from the University of California found that people who are sleep-deprived are more likely to remember false details than those who are not.

The study evaluated 104 college-age participants who were split into four groups. Two of the groups were asked to look at photos of a crime scene when they arrived and the other two groups viewed the photos the following morning. While half of them went to sleep, the other half asked to stay up all night. In the morning they were tested on details of the photographs. The researchers discovered that the students that had stayed up all night were more likely to report false details.

Follow these five tricks to ensure that you get your best rest ever, so that you can remember all the important details of your life.

Heads Up
Pillows are a very important to your night time routine. Parsing through the endless choices from down to polyester can turn anyone into an insomniac. Consider how you naturally sleep and then chose a brand that has the type that will mold itself to that position. Technogel pillows, for instance are gel molded and come in many shapes and sizes.

Cover Confidential
In recent years we have all been exposed to the importance of thread counts. Yes the higher the count the more luxurious the feel of the sheets, but that can come at a pretty price. Avoid silks and satins because they can be clingy plus they are really slippery and choose cotton for its comfort and breathability. Gaiam’s organic cotton sheets feels like lying on clouds.

Quite as it’s kept
After a long stressful day the idea of just collapsing in a room void of sound seems like a great idea but studies have shown that it’s easier to fall asleep when there is low steady sound in the room. Create your own white noise with Tranquil Moments® Advanced Sleep Sounds from Brookstone.

Night Light
We are being totally bombarded with technology and the lightening from things like our cell phones at night interrupts the natural release of our sleep hormone melatonin. Keep cell phones out of the bedroom and wear a sleep mask when it’s bedtime.

Temperature control
85 degrees may be the great for the beach but in your boudoir try to keep the temperature between 68-72 degrees for optimum comfort.

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