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Get your photo on the cover of a Frommer's guide and $5,000 cash

Random entry thumbnails for Frommer's new photo contest
Random entry thumbnails for Frommer's new photo contest
© Frommer's

Some photo contests are fun, some just aren't worth the effort. Here is one with all the right ingredients: 

  1. Well-known name - Frommer's
  2. No entry fee.
  3. Enter as often as you like.
  4. High visibility for the winner - Front cover of a Frommer's Travel Guide
  5. PLUS $5,000 cash to the Grand Prize winner.

That's a hard combination to beat. Something that would make it extra sweet would be a few more goodies for the runners up. C'mon Frommer's!  

Read on for the details:

Enter to win the chance to get your photo on the front cover of a Frommer's book and $5,000. Four runners-up will receive a prize pack of guide books and Lug travel accessories.

How to enter

  1. Sign in to the Frommer's Community. If you are new, follow the steps to register as a new member.
  2. Complete the entry form.
  3. Upload and tag your photos. Enter as often as you want now through March 31, 2010.

Click here for the Official Rules.

Let's see what you can do!


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