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Get your paws on


Yoga-Paws provide a non-slip cushion

We've all heard the phrase "get your paws off."  Well maybe it should be "get your paws on."

Yoga-Paws® that is, the mini yoga mat that fit on your hands and feet and can go anywhere with you. Yoga-Paws could help improve your dating in many ways.  Sure they are new and cool, and people will think you are totally with-it for having them, but there are other reasons.

First and foremost you can’t expect to be happy with anyone else until you are happy with your self. Being healthy is one of the first steps toward being happy with you. Exercise is part of good health, and as a result makes you feel good about you. Yoga is an excellent form of exercise for anyone at any level of fitness. Yoga-Paws mini mats will help you get started with yoga without the concern for slipping and sliding, or having to concentrate on keeping your hands and feet on one of those traditional narrow yoga mats.

Second yoga is something that you can do alone, or with a partner. If you are looking for a unique lead-in for a date with someone special, you could invite them to a yoga class (or to try yoga on your Wii). If they don’t have the equipment, suggest Yoga-Paws (or offer them as a gift). Using Yoga-Paws can save you money because you don’t need a mat, or yogi toes or anything. Grab Yoga-Paws and you can do yoga anywhere anytime.

Third, Yoga-Paws aren't just for yoga.  They can be used for Pilates, biking, kick-boxing, or any activity where you may need a non-slip, sweat-absorbing cushion for your hands or feet.   Get creative, what kind of aerobic exercise could you use Yoga-Paws for, and who might enjoy them with you?

So, "get your paws on!"  Share Yoga-Paws with a friend.  Have fun while you're at it!

Yoga-Paws are available in Men's and Women's sizes at

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