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Top safety tips for college students and future leaders

Get your party on: Top safety tips for college students and future leaders
Get your party on: Top safety tips for college students and future leaders

College life can be one of the most rewarding experiences in the coming of age transition from teenager to young adult.

While there are some associated stress factors in making this transition, the effects vary from person to person.

Being away from home for the first time requires acclimation. Meeting new people, choosing friends, and developing a social life is part of the experience.

For some people, there can be what feels like a bit of pressure to fit in.

To this I say relax, be yourself, and keep your priorities in tact by remembering what's really important. Getting a quality education, and preparing for your future success.

Of course all work and no play, is unreasonable. You should absolutely have fun! Just be safe about it.

Party-on, heavy drinking habits that are developed in college, sometimes don't go away after college. This could be problematic.

Here are some safety statistics provided by Protection1, a notable security company which provides safety compliance training measures for campus safety.

According to Protection1, "Security on campus is an issue across many schools. Mishaps can occur when students aren't alert at night, drink too much or make decisions under the influence. 1,825 students die each year from alcohol-related injuries alone. Even with security on campus, students should know how to keep themselves safe when socializing and going out with friends."

Protect your investment

  • 25% of college students admit that drinking alcohol has negatively impacted their academic progress.
  • 1 in 3 students have missed class due to alcohol abuse.
  • 21% of college students have fallen behind on schoolwork due to alcohol use.

Protect your body and future

Don't become a victim or victimize others due to heavy alcohol consumption.

  • 1 in 4 sexual assaults happen on college campuses (This does not imply all student perpetrators.)
  • 50% of all college sexual assaults are linked to alcohol use.
  • 43% of date rape is linked to alcohol use.

In addition, there are accidental self-inflicted injuries, fights, sex crimes, health issues and DUI occurrences. Not fun.

Tips for a Safe College Social Life

  • Set-up a trustworthy designated driver arrangement prior to going out.
  • Make sure you have your cell phone and it's fully charged. You do not want to be alone in an emergency situation with a dead cell phone.
  • Keep your eye on your beverage. If you forget and leave it unattended for a while, get a fresh one.
  • Know when the party is over. If things get out of hand, fights, drunks, drug use, grab your friends and hit the road.
  • Don't serve alcohol to friends who are under age-21, you could be liable.
  • Don't take a ride from anyone if you are not sure of their alcohol consumption
  • Use the buddy system when walking home from a party late at night
  • Set a drink limit for yourself and enforce it. Drink water, iced coffee, or soft drinks after your limit.
  • If a friend seems overly intoxicated and doesn't respond, call 911, better safe than sorry.
  • Make friends with non-drinkers too, and enjoy sober evenings out.
  • Practice safe consensual sex or choose abstinence and friendship, if you are not ready for a sexual relationship.
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