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Get your next color inspiration at dinner


Where to start with the colors for a space?

Colors to live with

 Find something you love and pull the colors from it. The colors for your next decorator project can be found in a natural or man-made combination, as long as it appeals to you. 

Inspired by the subtle and brilliant colors of this plated seared salmon, we have selected paint colors for a color scheme. The paint colors selected from this plate are seen in the slide show, below.
The various hues translate to a gorgeous color palette that is aptly named Asian Delight.

This color combination would look wonderful by using light gray for walls, darker gray trim and accents of the remaining colors.

Anything really can be the inspiration for your next color project.

Create your own or use this color combination, rich and alluring, sophisticated and modern. 

The combination would be a perfect choice for todays contemporary interiors.


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