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Get your nails ready for Fall with Ciate Haute House

Get your nails ready for Fall with Ciate Haute House
Get your nails ready for Fall with Ciate Haute House
Sandra Perez

Are your nails ready for the fall season? Ciate London released their third season of house collection polishes, titled Haute House, to help you complete your fall look. Ciate kindly sent me a house set to try out the polish for myself and share my thoughts.

The color of the polishes are: Mostly a Minx – a dark red, Can’t it be Kinky – black, Good to Be a Goddess – royal blue, Dare to be Bare – nude tone, and a silicone top to create an extra shine if you wish.

Ciate describes this new house collection as “new Patent Leather finish Paint Pots,” which just screams fall season – my favorite. I love everything that has to do with autumn, so of course I was dying to try these! So far, I have only tried Mostly a Minx and Dare to be Bare.

I had each color on for about a day and a half. As you can imagine, the majority of my hours and days are spent typing away on my computer and shuffling through papers. That’s a lot of work on my poor little fingers. After trying Haute House, I can honestly say that my nails looked gorgeous through those days. Not even minor chipping occurred. And I didn’t even use the clear coat to protect them!

As for looks, well I did just say they looked gorgeous, didn’t I? My favorite of the two that I have tried until now is the nude color, Dare to Bare. I have a medium skin tone, so the nude shade really gives a nice ‘pop’ to my hands.

Ciate Haute House is highly recommendable. This is a must-have for the coming season! Ciate Haute House is available exclusively at Sephora.