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Get your man to put a ring on it with these tips from
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Don’t fret ladies! Just because you didn’t get a ring this wedding season doesn’t meant its too late. Maybe he's not ready the signals that you've throwing at him. Or it could also be that you're not sending the RIGHT signals. Want him to put a ring on it? Check out these great tips from resident jewelry expert and COO of, your first and last stop for the perfect promise ring, engagement ring and wedding ring Jonathon Ohayon and see what you're doing or not doing!

  • Make Sure He’s ready: This seems pretty obvious, but he has to be ready before you can really nudge him in the right direction. Does he use words like “we” and “us” a lot? Does he make plans for the future that include you? If he says things like, 'I might study abroad next year, I’ve always wanted to travel Europe alone' this is a pretty good indicator he’s not ready to make a commitment. However, if he asks you what city have you always wanted to visit, and then you see him on later that evening, read on…

  • Get a Clear Idea On How He Feels about Marriage: Got a great guy but not sure how he feels about marriage? Maybe living together forever suits him just fine. Some couples (hello Goldie and Kurt) make this work and even look like a good idea, but if you really want the fairy tale and he’s just not that into it, that will be a problem. This is doubly true for adults that experienced their parent’s divorce at a young age. Talk to him, because where he stands on this issue is paramount!

  • Drop Hints: OK, so you’ve made it past steps 1 and 2 and you’re sure he’s good to go on the marriage front- drop some hints! Casually mention that your co-worker is celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary and that they’re happier than ever! Does he respond with an eye roll and yawn or does he say, '10 years huh? Imagine us a decade from now'! The trick here is to be subtle. You want to feel him out and plant a seed, not make him run for the hills!

  • Be The Woman He Wants to be With: So you’ve been dating for 2 years now and sweatpants have become your go to outfit of choice. You may have stopped going out with your friends or worse yet, you let every little thing bother you (no nagging!). The point here is to have a life and take care of yourself- just like you did when you met him. Remember, there is no way for him to see what it’s like if you weren’t in his life, if you’ve given up yours for him!

  • Propose to Him Yourself: So you’ve had many fab years together and all the talks in the world about how you both want to be together- so what gives? He may just be complacent or afraid to shell out major dollars for ring. Either way, there is one thing you could do- propose to him yourself! The newest trend in the wedding jewelry world is “Mangagement” rings. These are not re-purposed wedding bands, Mangagement rings have a prominent center stone for him flaunt!

Above all remember that these are just tips and suggestion to help you. In the long run, the most important person is you and you need to do what feels comfortable to you. If you're outspoken and aren't afraid to speak your mind, these tips (except for maybe the last one) may not work for you Don't forget also that no matter how many tips you drop and he ignores you may want to reconsider if he really is the man of your dreams. According to Jonathon Ohayon, 'My dad would always said, “there’s a lid for every pot' so ladies, don’t settle for less than happiness. Nothing is perfect, but have the right intentions before you start dropping hints. As much as you love the fairy tale marriage is a big deal!

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