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Get your kids active in affordable after school fun by joining a bowling league

Sign your kids up for after school fun with AMF's Junior Varsity League. Just $10 a week.
Sign your kids up for after school fun with AMF's Junior Varsity League. Just $10 a week.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity rates among kids ages 2 to 17 continue to remain high. Among kids ages 10 - 17 there are states that still have a high rate of obesity in children at a rate of 19% (Texas) or higher. Keeping kids active after school can be a challenge. As parents work and cost for after school activities increase, there is a a fun and affordable option that costs just $10 a week. Extracurricular activities are important for development and social well-being. Kids can interact with other kids.

Most families spend an average of $200 per month on after school activities, getting kids active, engaged and out of the house. For example, most recreational programs will charge around $60-80 for a once-per-week basic class in ballet, tap, jazz or hip hop. Most soccer, basketball and tennis programs charge around $400 and youth classes at a community center average around $30-60 per month with added tuition costs, uniforms and travel costs.

AMF offers a more fun and interactive experience that is indoors. They are now introducing a bowling league designed just for kids this back-to-school season – The Junior Varsity League! For $10 a week, school-age children can participate in a ten-week bowling league where they can enjoy the fun, active, social and competitive nature of bowling.

The AMF Junior Varsity League includes:

· 10 weeks of bowling (one week free with coupon below)

· Free shoe rentals

· An end-of-season Xtreme bowling party

· Discount on league fees

There is also a money back guarantee. If your child is not satisfied by the third week you can get a refund. For a location near you and for more details, please visit

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