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Get Your Kicks on Indiana 46, Part 4: McCormick's Creek State Park

Travel west from Bloomington on Indiana 46, and you will shortly encounter Spencer and McCormick's Creek State Park: Indiana's oldest state park.

In one of the more impressive natural sights Indiana has to offer, the namesake creek takes a sudden drop over a limestone canyon to produce a waterfall that is picturesque in any season. In stark contrast to Niagara Falls, you can get up close and personal with this waterfall by descending a long staircase and wading in the creek. 

With more than 10 miles of trails, it's also a great place to take in on foot, on horseback or on a bicycle.

Note: Historically, visitors to McCormick's Creek State Park could do some spelunking at Wolf Cave, but the cave is temporarily closed as a precaution to protect bats from a deadly fungal disease known as white-nosed syndrome. The cave may reopen in the future, but for now the inside of the cave is strictly off limits.

How to get there:

McCormick's Creek State Park

250 McCormicks Creek Park Road

Spencer, IN 47460