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Get your hips swaying at C.G.M.

Adam Balbo, Jeremy Waun, The Guys, Joshua Allen
Adam Balbo, Jeremy Waun, The Guys, Joshua Allen

Tuesday July 22 at 8 p.m. get to C.G.M. for a night of uplifting music combining elements of psychedelic folk and surreal noise. Performers include touring act Adam Balbo, as well as local acts Jeremy Waun, The Guys, and Joshua Allen and the Plague of Frogs. Donations are suggested to support touring bands and all performers will have merch available.

When Adam Balbo's infectious tunes hit your ears it is nearly impossible to keep from bobbing your head. His endearing voice serves up fun, blunt honesty with upbeat folk, melodic electric guitar and a sprinkle of harmonica. His music is like late night conversations with your best friend and spontaneous porch dance parties despite the overwhelming gravity of this life. Adam is on tour from Oakland, California.

The Guys, a local Detroit band, fall somewhere in between a hazy dream about prom in 1962 and deep riffs for thoughtful rainy days. Their combination of swaying folk tunes and funky sounds that hook into your soul is unique and enveloping. Close your eyes and let The Guys transport you.

Joshua Allen and the Plague of Frogs is a longtime Detroit musician and artist who has traversed the lands of punk rock, noise, mediative instrumental and intimate folk. His vibrating noise spliced with poignant vocal sampling creates a buzz somewhere deep inside. With folk-punk inspired acoustic songs he delves into the complications of being. Joshua incorporates audience participation and meditative sounds to create something more than music: an experience.

Jeremy Waun is a member of the CGM collective and a prolific local Detroit artist, playing with his band Reverend, drums in Mirror Moon, and bass sometimes with Nebula Smile. His solo set includes uplifting folk vibes inspiring memories of bike rides that fill your heart to the brim on summer days and penetrating electro-noise to lose yourself in.

Jeremy's first home in Detroit was the Griswold Lofts. Former artist paradise and the birth place of techno, it was the perfect place for his band to live and practice. He felt blessed to have shared space in the strange art community that existed there, one that fostered environments in which creation was the main focus. Being involved in the community there spurred his love of low-key house shows where the music took center stage and all door money went directly to touring artists.

When the landscape of downtown Detroit begin to change, namely a few individuals buying up most of the land, the Griswold Lofts artists were given 30 days to move on. Jeremy searched for a place where he could continue the tradition of respectful and loving spaces that inspire and honor art.

Past the razor wire fence and from the second floor the view of the sunset over fields and industrial spaces is unbelievable. Even more unbelievable is what is happening inside. Communities are created over the bond of musical and artistic devotion. Come out to C.G.M. and see for yourself.

You can contact Jeremy at for information about the upcoming show and future events at C.G.M.

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