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Get Your Hair Done at Home-A Growing Trend!

Today's busy-bees, multi-taskers, single moms and dads, home-bound, people with disabilities, seniors, elderly, entrepreneurs, patients, owners of home-based businesses, working moms, new moms, stay-at-home-moms, men... the idea of sitting in a salon, spa or barber shop for hours or playing musical chairs rotating from the sink to station to the lounge is becoming to tedious, time-consuming and burdensome. Moreover, our past and present economic downturn/deficit/crisis have starved many people's pockets and because of this, stylist can save and make more money because they don't have to spend $ overhead, rent, mortgage, and pay percentage rates to salon owners. Receiving professional hair, nail, massage and spa treatment care in the comfort of your own home or residence is possible and it works! Mobile hair and spa services are a new and growing trend, and it offers more personal and tailored to your needs immediately especially clients who experience(d) hair loss for various reasons and would rather not visit salons to get a wig, weave, scarf or other enhancement services.

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FYI! Featuring a NY-Based (and travels abroad-other states) mobile salon stylist: His Garden Naturals-Mobile Natural Hair Care Salon-NY introduces their mobile salon services. Bringing professional salon services in the private space of your own home whether you’re a child, teen, adult, senior, elderly, with a disability or home-bound! For more info contact Miss Cee aka. His Garden Naturals Mobile Salon Services comes to you. Cheryl aka Miss Cee - Formulator and Master Hair care Stylist (Freelance) comes to your residence via appointment/availability. Senior citizens and most individuals with disabilities usually get 10% off. The company also runs holiday and college break specials for students.

Services include: Natural Hair Care, Straw/Curl/Rod Sets, Hair Coloring, Extensions, Weaving, Braiding, Locs, Twists, Scalp Treatment, Updos, Finger-waves, French rolls, Elegant Mohawks, Pony-tails and more…You can receive a free initial consultation, make an appointment and order natural products for your hair and body. Often times, the stylist will work with a talented assistant to better serve you and provide quicker service for hair care services/needs that take several hours to complete!

Their services are great options for:
• Home-bound clients
• Brides/Bridal parties/Graduates
• New moms/Expecting mothers
• Hospitalized patients
• People with disabilities
• Busy women on the go/or with Home-based businesses
• Photo shoots
• Hair loss due to Chemotherapy, medicine, alopecia, eczema, etc
• Children with salon phobias
• Donation/or Discount services for women in shelters/transitional living facilities
• Hotel guests
• A Teen women’s group and outreach
• Stage performers
• Actresses

His Garden Naturals is family-owned and based in Queens, NY but Miss Cee (founder/master stylist) travels to other states for small groups (3-4 clients) and is a licensed cosmetologist and natural cosmetic formulator. The company constantly develops new products and add-on services such as, ‘His Garden Naturals Mobile Salon’ as they continue to grow as a new company.

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