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Get Your Glam On!


Tracy Mendy Photography


When: Friday, June 4th

Where: BlueFish, Downtown Delray

Time: 7:30PM

Dear Diary...

My checklist for The Academy of Glam Launch Party

* Share in the beauty of the phenomenal makeup artistry of Victoria Duke, Founder of the Academy of Glam and the ever so gorgeous GLAM SQUAD.

* Take front and center at the gorgeous Mariana London Lingerie Show with the sultry, sexy London Girls. 

* Mingle with Top Makeup Artist Winner Cassidy Boch as she emancipates her passions to transform beautiful women into ever-so-sexy vixens.

* Make the moments last with the natural eye and sensual suave of photographer Tracy Mendy as does her Glam Thing.

* Take photos with the models and watch them strut their stuff on the runway.

* Check in early and see the girls transform into Glamorous Vintage Pin-Ups right before my eyes. A backstage experience I won't soon forget!

* Oh and bring my boyfriend... as an early Christmas gift ;-)

What is this Academy of Glam all about anyway...

Transformation                                                                                                                                                                                       Have you ever sat in a hair salon, or had your makeup or nails done and you find yourself staring at the person in front of you concentrating hard and working vigorously to get you done, get you out, and get the next person in? Did you feel like you were on the conveyor belt of an assembly line in a beauty factory?

If you're lucky you walked out with nice bouncy hair, good color or pretty pink lips, yet your desire to share, chat and feel good on the inside were left feeling untouched, unmotivated, unglamorous and just quite... dull.

Eventually the bounce disappears, the color fades and your lip color runs dry and you have nothing left of your time at the beauty factory to show for yourself.

“The Academy of Glam is Transformation - inside and out. Beauty elixirs, potions, tonics, the finest products and treatments the world has to offer combined with the magic of hair and makeup artistry.” - Victoria Duke

Inspiration                                                                                                                                                                                                 Feeling empty? Have you been looking for a positive force in your life that can move you in the direction of your dreams? Do you have insight to share with others while delighting in the magical delicacies and power of being a woman?

“The Academy of Glam is Inspiration - leaf through the motivation library at the Academy while sipping green tea and, if you desire, share your lessons with other women. We are about positive energy, motivation, and life coaching in all of our classes.  This is a place to delight you, help define your sense of purpose, and help you see your magic… and the magic in others. There are many places to exercise your bodies, finally a place to build your spirit.”- Victoria Duke

Education                                                                                                                                                                                                          Want to finally fulfill your passion for beauty and artistry? Work with celebrity artists while molding yourself into your own personal unique and unrepeatable artist.

“The Academy of Glam is Education - the workshops are like no other in the world! Makeup artistry developed for a new generation of working artists. The classes for women allow them to embark on the greatest love story of all, themselves. Academy of Glam also offers lessons for girls, where they learn their power, their potential, and their beauty.  They get the truth on how media distorts true beauty.” - Victoria Duke


  • Tracy Mendy 5 years ago

    This is gonna be a party you won't want to miss!!! Come get your Glam on!!!

  • Cherie 5 years ago

    Wow this sounds like a wonderful place to be - Academy of Glam! Finally a place women can go and truly enjoy being a woman without any prejudices, backstabbing or prerequisites! Seriously wonderful!

  • Cassidy Boch 5 years ago

    they're not lying friends. this is the place!!!!! it is everything you might hope and more!!!! for the first time in my life, i couldnt wait to get there everyday, and never wanted to leave at night!!!! there is some of the most beautiful energy here, and youll feel it right away!! its a safe haven, and packed full of learning experiences; about makeup, life, love, and YOU!! Do not miss this!

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