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Get your endorphins pumping by volunteering

Enough said.
Enough said.

We all like that little high we get from a good adrenaline rush. Pair that with the good feeling you get after doing a good deed and you have the secret recipe to best feeling ever.

Think globally, and act locally. The American Red Cross has been contributing more than their part for quite some time now. There are several ways you can help The Red Cross so they can help others.

Giving blood- Yes, we know it's uncomfortable, but one pint of blood can save several lives. Plus you get a free cookie out of it.

Donate money- In this critical time in Haiti more than anything The Red Cross needs cold hard cash. It is easy, you can donate online right  now.

Become CPR/First AID certified- It is easy, you can save a life, maybe even your own.

Donate time- contact your local red cross chapter and ask the different ways you can serve your community.


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