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Get your dachshund ready for the Mutt Strut

Rooney contemplates his transportation options for the Mutt Strut
Rooney contemplates his transportation options for the Mutt Strut
Kristin Lawson

The 7th Annual Mutt Strut, benefitting the Indianapolis Humane Society, is less than a month away, but if you haven't registered yet, there's still time!  Pre-registration continues through April 21st, and, for the procrastinators out there, you can sign up the day of the event, April 25th, for a slightly higher donation fee.  Or, if you're looking to add to your pet family, adopt a dog (or cat) from the Humane Society by April 21st and get a free Mutt Strut registration

If you're planning to attend, check out the Humane Society's suggested Training Tips.  In particular, it reminds you to "Know Your Dog's Breed."  Given a dachshund's size, two and a half miles may be quite a hike for your pet, so consider whether you should bring a wagon, stroller, or other contraption for your dog in case he or she needs to take a breather. 

If you're looking for a posh carrier for your dachshund, or perhaps just a sharp new harness or leash for the event, there are lots of local pet stores and specialty shops selling some fun and clever accessories:

Ballerinas & Bruisers - located in downtown Zionsville, this shop offers a variety of items to pamper your dog, including beds, leashes, harnesses, and spepcial treats.

The Choosy Pet - located just down the street and around the corner in Zionsville, this shop carries pet carriers, apparel, toys and treats.

Three Dog Bakery - with locations in Broad Ripple, on Mass. Ave., and in Noblesville, this shop features not only treats that will make you drool, but also a variety of toys, leashes, and harnesses for your four-legged friend.

Or, check out these official websites for a PetSmart, PETCO, or Pet Supplies "Plus" near you.

As of March 25th, the Humane Society was reporting that it has more than 1600 people registered for the walk, and has raised donations over $150,000.  They also have about 180 volunteers signed up, but will need closer to 400 to make the event run smoothly, so consider volunteering if you don't plan to walk.

New details are being provided as the event gets closer.  The Humane Society has recently announced that  DJ Mama Mia will be performing, as will the dogs of the Indy Dog and Disc Club.

Won't you join us?


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