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Get your classic red lip on with these beautiful non-toxic red lipsticks!

The classic red lip never goes out of style. We see it on red carpets and performance stages every day. And what better way to get your classic red lip going, than by getting it going without toxins and untrustworthy chemicals? Sure, I may be preaching the same thing in each article where I write about lip products - stop using toxin-rich makeup! - but for all those non-believers in natural alternatives, I urge them all to at least sample some of the brands mentioned in this article. There are natural beauty brands out there that have amazing products which last, are highly pigmented, and - above-all - are actually good for your lips.

Swatches from top to bottom: Zuzu Luxe in Sin, Silk Naturals in Hot Blooded, Zuzu Luxe in Vina D'Amor, Silk Naturals in Card Shark, Silk Naturals in Crimson, Bite Beauty in VIB Rouge, Vapour Organic Beauty in Ravish
Natural and non-toxic red lipstick swatches

Be sure to click on the slideshow to see images of swatches, shown in various lighting, for seven beautiful red shades of lipstick that are made by wonderful natural beauty brands. The colors I recommend are the following, from top to bottom:

Zuzu Luxe in "Sin"

Silk Naturals in "Hot Blooded"

Zuzu Luxe in "Vino D'Amor"

Silk Naturals in "Card Shark"

Silk Naturals in "Crimson"

Bite Beauty in "VIB Rouge"

Vapour Organic Beauty in "Ravish"

Both Zuzu Luxe's "Sin" and Silk Naturals' "Hot Blooded" fall more into the bronze-red category, especially when seen swatched next to the truer reds. The top two look very similar in the pictures, but "Sin" is definitely more opaque and matte upon application, albeit with a strong bronze sheen. "Hot Blooded" is shinier (wetter) and quite dark on the lips. Click on the first suggested link below this article to see another article about Zuzu Luxe's "Sin", and you can see how it looks on the lips.

Zuzu Luxe's "Vino D'Amor" is a beautiful, deep fuchsia red, with strong dark pink undertones. It's extremely pigmented and wonderful for dramatic lips. This lipstick performs just as well as MAC's high pigment lipsticks, but without the added non-benefits of carcinogenic ingredients!

Silk Naturals is my favorite natural beauty brand thus far, and the reason is not only because the prices are unbelievably reasonable, but also because the products rock! The eye shadows, mineral glows and powders are all amazing, and the lipstick formulas are just awesome. Two of my favorites are the vegan lipsticks in "Card Shark" and "Crimson". Both are gorgeous true reds (although "Card Shark" is a deeper, more vampy true red), they are super pigmented and apply evenly on the lips. The lasting power is also amazing.

Next to the "Crimson" shade is Bite Beauty's "VIB Rouge" limited edition red lip color, released in 2013. It is very similar to Silk Naturals' "Crimson", but with deeper, bluer undertones. This shade is probably the definition of "true red". I do find Bite Beauty's lipstick formulas to be slightly drying, especially when compared to the perfection of Silk Naturals' formulas, which are extremely moisturizing. However, the reviews that Bite Beauty gets really show how successful and in-demand this brand has become, and everyone should at least take a walk to Sephora to try Bite Beauty. Some of the colors this company has put out are really so vibrant and beautiful!

And finally we have Vapour Organic Beauty's "Ravish" lipstick. This is one of the first natural red lipsticks I tried. It is a gorgeous color. Vapour Organics prides itself on having produced these lipstick formulas that capture light in a unique way - allowing for a more vibrant reflection of color tones. This is not so apparent in photographs, but one can certainly see the vibrancy in person when applied on the lips. My one criticism of Vapour's formula is that it really needs to be re-applied often. I find that it only retains a really vibrant color for about an hour before starting to disappear. It is a different - feeling, lighter formula from the other companies I mentioned, so it's definitely worth a try. And the company has a terrific reputation and huge celebrity following. They also offer samples for purchase from their website, so it's very easy to try their products without spending a great deal of money.

All of these brands range in price from as low as $4.50 - $5.75 (Silk Naturals) to $24 (Vapour Organics and Bite Beauty). Zuzu Luxe lipstick has a middle-of-the-line price range at $18, although Zuzu Luxe fans should be aware that various websites, like, often have great sales on the brand, and the lipsticks can be obtained at just over $10.

For anyone who is looking to switch to natural cosmetics, these brands are good ones to sample. Everyone is a bit different, so different formulas are better or worse for some people. I'd love to hear other people's thoughts on this. Please leave comments below about natural lipstick brands you've tried that are not mentioned above!

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