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Get your bikini body while having fun outdoors this summer

Stand-up paddle boarding
Stand-up paddle boarding

Variety is the spice of life. So ditch your boring gym routine and try some outdoor fun to get your lean bikini body. Not only will you burn off a ton of calories with ease, but also get a sexy tan without any additional effort. Here are five outdoor activities you can try this summer:

Get your bikini body with stand-up paddle boarding

1) Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Stand up paddle boarding is a great way to work your core while enjoying the beautiful scenery of a lake, river, or ocean. All you need is a board, paddle, and personal flotation device (read ‘life vest’). Sun glasses, sunscreen and maybe a hat are also recommended to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. The average person can burn up to 225 calories with this activity in 60 minutes.

2) Beach Volleyball
Grab three of your friends for a game of beach volleyball to get a full body workout that can help you burn up to 178 calories in 30 minutes if you are playing competitively. Depending on where you live there might be free sand courts available in a condo community, on the beach, or at a park. You could also sign up for a recreational summer league to get your game on once a week.

3) Disc Golf
If you have never heard of this sport before, think ‘frisbee meets golf.’ You basically walk over a course and try to throw your disc into a basket at each station (similar to the holes on a golf course). An average game can take up to two hours, depending on your skill level. So you can easily burn up to 600 calories during this fun activity. Most courses are free to play but you might have to pay for parking. All you need is a set of discs and maybe a friend for a little competition.

4) Kickball
This is where soccer meets baseball. Granted, you can’t really play kickball by yourself, but you should be able to sign up for a local league as free agent. Since running is limited to moving from base to base, kickball lets you burn about 346 calories per hour.

5) Rock Climbing
Although you can go rock climbing all by yourself, it is recommended to have a partner with you in case of an emergency. It's a total-body workout that increases your heart and respiratory rates. By utilizing every muscle in your body you not only get super lean, but you also scorch serious calories at the rate of about 298 per 30 minutes. Proper shoes and some safety gear are a must. As added bonus, you can do this at an indoor rock climbing facility when the weather turns nasty.

To find out how many calories you can burn with other activities, check out this calorie calculator!

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