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Get your Atlanta home sold... Sadie Hawkins style

Probably everyone has a memory, fond or not so fond, of a Sadie Hawkins Dance they attended some time in their youth while attending school. (For me, it was a country square dance but that's a story for another day.)  In our society, it is customary that the man asks the woman, however, according to Sadie Hawkins,  the female asks the a word, it means role-reversal. Just as it is customary in real estate that the buyer asks or "makes the offer" to the seller, but where is it written that this is the only way to practice real estate?

If you are tired of being the shrinking violet in the corner, do something about it.

How about a little Sadie Hawkins Real Estate Dance? As the seller, why not draw up a Purchase and Sales Agreement to the last 5 potential buyers that saw your home? You know by the mere fact that they took the time to see your home that they liked it. The problem is, they didn't like it enough to make an offer. So you be the initiator.  Maybe from their feedback you know that they really didn't care for the wall paper in the kitchen - put that in the special stipulations that you'll remove the paper and paint it their color of choice. Or that the avocado carpet is really worn - offer to replace it. Perhaps you have been considering reducing your price - put the 'sales' price in as an incentive for them to buy.  Only you know your level of motivation and what you are willing to do get your home sold. Put that information on paper. It may be exactly what helps that buyer chose your home over the one down the street.