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Get wild about reading with Six Flags reading club

Boot Scootin at Six Flags Over Texas Arlington
Boot Scootin at Six Flags Over Texas Arlington
Six Flags Over Texas Arlington

Six Flags Themed Parks and Weekly Reader are sponsoring their 2009-2010 Six hour reading club, part of the Read to Succeed program.  The Read to Succeed program is a free language arts program sponsored by both of these organizations. Local schools and their students are participating in this event in order to get wild about reading.

Children in grades K-6 are eligible to take part in this Reading Club. Each child, taking part, must read recreationally for six hours, or 360 minutes. Students and parents need to keep track of their own reading time, on the reading logs supplied through participating schools. When each log has been completed and initialed by parents, students then turn the completed forms into their teachers by the schools deadline. (Schools must have all forms turned in by March 3, 2010.)

Children may read books, magazines, comic books, or newspapers on their own time to count towards this reading club membership. What does not count as reading towards this membership is anything that a child must read for homework. They are trying to encourage reading for pleasure, therefore homework time doesn't count. A child may read out loud to a parent, a parent may read out loud to a the child, or the child may read silently to themselves. However, reading is a fabulous way to spend some one on one time with your child.

Once a student's reading log has been turned in to their teacher with 6 completed hours of reading, your child will then be entered as a member of the Six Hour Reading Club. Along with being a member they will receive a free admissions passport to the Six Flags theme parks. On each ticket there will be discount information for family passports so that it is easier for families to actually celebrate the success of their child's reading.

This is a fabulous, free program, designed to get parents to spend time with their children while encouraging them to read. Grab a book, show some love, and get wild about reading!

For More Info: Six Flags , Weekly Reader


  • Doug 5 years ago

    I hope your young ones do this. It would be a great success for them and they could win a chance for a family outing. You have earned one. Keep up the great articles - I love to read them.

  • Jane 5 years ago

    I certainly enjoy your articles, Ms. L. This is a great thing. The importance of instilling the love of reading in children is beyond amazing. Their futures lie within the pages of books!

  • Jacqueline 5 years ago

    It would be wonderful if Pre-K grades would be allowed to participate in the Six Flags 6 hr Reading Club, too. I believe it is important to start a love of reading at even this early age.

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