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Get in where you fit in.

I am currently working with a client who is making room in her home for an aging parent. We discussed, in great detail, the physical limitations that present when designing a space that needs to accommodate an elder person. My client is an emerging eco-conscience dweller who has taken the initiative to make eco-conscience improvements to her home when making any significant changes. A bonus for this project is that this space is located on the main living level of her home which virtually eliminates access restrictions. The design scope is to prepare a comfortable, safe and vibrant bedroom space that includes an existing ensuite bathroom that has a walk-in shower.

The eco-infrastructure of the space emerged slowing. Eco-selections for paint; flooring; lighting; and window treatments took time. The project budget started tiny but slowly grows and continues to be infused and revived on a paycheck-to- paycheck bases. This design remix delivery vehicle can literally be termed ‘GET IN WHERE YOU FIT IN’ because acquisitions are only possible when you can literally financially fit them in. Creative financing of this nature, if you will, allows you the possibility to bring your eco-conscience interior design vision to fruition however tiny your budget may seem. Once we settled into a rhythm, progress was consistent.

Much detail was paid to the elevation of color and the space slowly materialized into an eclectic tasteful collection of blues, browns and creams. Existing Items that need to be incorporated into the bedroom space included an heirloom writing desk and chair that beautifully anchored the seating area. Existing ornate mirrors, carefully placed, enlarged the visual space of the room. The two existing pole lamps, with shade upgrades, enhanced the rooms lighting plan. New furniture selections were possible only when financial resources permitted which allowed plenty of time to make final decisions.

(CRIB TIP: Seeking consultation for design solutions for your impending project can be a fabulous paring. However, matching a project to an interior décor professional can prove tricky when budgets are tiny and the project schedule is literally undefined and governed by paycheck infusions. Negotiate compensation with your design professional that thoroughly incorporates your budget and schedule restraints in addition to opting to DIY portions of the project, under the designer’s direction to keep the design vision cohesive, which will allow the schedule to progress when financial progress is strained between infusion intervals).

This project is ongoing and I will provide updates as things progress. Remember, home is where your life happens; be creative and allow your dwelling to represent you. Share your project stories and what bold and savvy interior décor trend you included in your project @

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